MePanui International - Taxi Stations advertising

MePanui Taxi International is a call center service that specializes in connecting people who search the internet for a taxi with nearby taxi stations. The company operates by providing a dedicated phone number or website that customers can use to request a ride.

When a customer contacts the service, their call is automatically forwarded to the taxi station, based on the customer’s location. The service provides real-time monitoring and tracking of calls, ensuring that each call is directed to the appropriate taxi station in a timely manner.

The company’s main revenue source is by charging the taxi stations a fee for each call received through the service. The taxi stations are provided with a panel that allows them to monitor and analyze the performance of their campaigns, including the number of calls received, call duration, and other relevant metrics. This information helps taxi stations to better understand their customer needs and improve the quality of their service.

Overall, the company plays an important role in connecting customers with taxi services, streamlining the process of booking a ride and reducing wait times. By providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for taxi stations to receive customer calls, the service helps to improve the overall quality of the taxi industry.

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MePanui International – Taxi Stations advertising around the world

With a reach of up to 100.000 taxis in USA MePanui International is the market leader in taxi service advertising. Additionaly, MePanui International is established in various countries out of Europe. Together with our partners, MePanui International conducts international campaigns according to standarts made in ISRAEL.

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